5 Do Not's of Instagram - For Your Business

Hey everyone,

John Dirugeris here.

Today I want to share with you the 5 DO NOTS of Instagram.

1.) Do Not Buy Followers

So... you want to know the easy answer to building an Instagram page that has thousands and thousands of followers in a matter of minutes? BUY YOUR LIKES.

This sounds great, right? Well, if you know anything about social, you should know that social takes a while to grow an organic audience.

Buying followers is fake, people know it's fake, your page would have no authentic engagement, and also, it looks really bad on the business when they have 10k followers and only 56 likes...

2.) Do Not Buy Likes

This goes hand and hand with followers, just do not do it. People will know its fake, and especially since Instagram is testing removing likes, this has no benefit for you, your page, and your business.

3.) Do Not Use Others Content WITHOUT Giving Credit

You see a really cool pic of the Nashville skyline and you think it would bring a nice aesthetic to your page right? Well... keep in mind that it is not your photo, and since you could just screenshot it and repost it, make sure you do this one thing that takes 5 seconds...

TAG THEM AND GIVE THEM CREDIT IN THE CAPTION. I see this time and time again. A really great page uses others content and they get in trouble. Give credit to these creators.

Odds are that they are going to be flattered that you re-posted their photo

4.) Do Not Sell

Sounds counter-intuitive right? Well.. it could actually make your business money. I'll explain with one analogy. People love to buy, but hate being sold. It's so true. As a business owner, you need to invest in a social media strategy that lets your audience engage with you, your content, and your business.

Use social media as a branding tool, and it will pay dividends.

5.) Do Not Use It Sparingly

I see so many businesses and business owners using social sparingly. This is the WRONG move, especially on Instagram. If you only post once or twice a week, or do not engage with your audience or potential audience, then you are basically putting time and energy into social for nothing.

Instagram and social media as a whole needs to be approached with a process of consistency, relevance, and consumer-centric tactics.

Well, everyone, you have reached the end of my TedTalk.

In all seriousness, social is not some fad that is going to go away. It is 2019 - social is in its infancy, and yet in its prime - utilize it.

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