Instagram Insights: Explained to Help You Grow on Instagram

Hey everyone, this is John Dirugeris. I hope you’re having a great day. In this article, I will dive into how to use and leverage Instagram insights to improve your overall growth potential on Instagram.

Instagram insights are a great tool to use to track, analyze, and test different growth strategies throughout your Instagram page. First, lets look at where Instagram insights are.

(Disclaimer, you need to have a business profile to see insights, as well as 100 followers to get audience details.)

First, go to Instagram and go to your main profile page. Next, click on the three lines at the top right-hand screen, then click on “Insights”. You’ll see three columns: Content, Activity, and Audience. I will assess all three in this article so stay tuned.

Content: The first is "Content". This shows you how many people look at your posts. To see how your content is doing in the grand scheme of things, tap on "see all" above the far right image. This will bring up the data on your photos. With this "see all" page, you can see the reach of your posts, which is how many eyeballs have been on your pictures. The beauty of this is this is how you are able to grow on Instagram.

When it comes to tracking other metrics, you can filter the interactions you want to track. For example, you can track anything from impressions to likes to website views to even how many people have emailed you directly after seeing your post. In a future article, I will go deeper into what each insight meets in a future video.

Activity: The next section that I will dive into is the "Activity" tab. This shows how many accounts your posts have reached in the past week, filtered by each day. If you scroll down, you can see how many interactions your posts have generated as well, which is the most important factor.

This is what you should focus on. You want to figure out what your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is for your business. This can be website clicks, calls, leads, e-mails, etc, but what I beg you to not focus on is how many followers and likes you get.

Audience: Next, is the "Audience" tab. This needs to be as big of a priority as the content tab. This tab shows your growth, top locations, age range, gender, and when your followers are on your page. THIS IS HUGE. Knowing who your audience is the most important thing in your business. For Instagram growth, knowing WHEN your audience is online is key as well. For growing your business on Instagram, knowing how to leverage your insights is your make or break point.

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