Why Patience & Authenticity Will Make You Create Better Content For You & Your Business

Social media seems to be everywhere we look. In every show, every commercial, every news network. With a world filled with digital real estate and individuals, companies, and small businesses taking that real estate, one may ask, "How do I grow my real estate on social media?"

This is an age-old question for businesses when it comes to marketing and branding techniques. From radio to tv and now to social media, how does a business capture the user's attention and capture that real estate so that the user will make a purchase? How do I capture that attention?

The answer is simple: content.

Yes, it's as simple as content. No matter what business you're in or how small your audience is, content is the main driver when someone decides to take an action on your pages and your business.

Now, the deeper question is this: how do I capture that attention?

There are two answers to that.

Create content that is entertaining.

Create content that is educational.

Creating content can seem like a wall in front of you that never goes down. You may think that you need to sit down for hours and create the perfect piece of content. Well, let me tell you something, you can create content literally about anything. Creating content is easy, as long as you are patient with yourself and are true to yourself.

When you are patient and true to yourself, or authentic as I like to say, you can create content that truly entertains or educates the customer.

Here is a simple formula to break it down: Patience + Authenticity = True, Natural Content. True, natural content will be a test to see what your audience reacts to. If they react well to a post about how your blueberry jam can boost their immune system, then you know your audience cares and wants to see and hear more about that. If you show them a simple picture of a blueberry dancing and it gets no reaction, you will then know which kind of content they care about.

Here is the main takeaway from this article: Be patient. Be authentic. Be true with your audience in your content. Once you are true, you will find what they really want to see, therefore, you create engaging content that matters.

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